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    Over 5 years experience in international cooperation, AIMO process production solution.Customizing brand –exclusive products is a priority for our company, through customized banding, customer can distinguish himself from competitor in improving their company image as well as loyalty.

 1+1>2  Combining brand add value

    OEM is combines power of two brands. The one is domain brand displayed on the products. The other brand is not displayed but it provides the quality, both brands have its industry. This makes a win-win scenario.


Manufacturer's Brand:


 By OEM, the manufacturer enjoys distributor's brand value in the market. 

Buyer's Brand:

1. Quality builds the prestige, good products gain market.


2. Distributors with no investment in products manufacturing, they receive.

3. the products with high quality at lower cost and with better customer-service.

4. Certainly, creativity is the driving force of the products' life.


With the help of the brand value and the position of the manufacturer and their marketing reputation, OEM can receive 1+1>2 effects.



What are the advantages of OEM?



1. Improve the recognizability of the product and obtain brand effects

2. Advance the grade of the product and highlight the individuality

4. Improve the resistance to malignant markdown.

5. Improve the product tracking problem and after-sale service.



What can be customized?

  • Packaging
  • Labels on products
  • Logo
  • Tape color
  • Text color







What are needed for OEM?


1.   Reach a certain quantity of AIMO. For more information, feel free to contact our sales department.

2.   Your requirements for OEM in detail, e.g. logo design, label design, etc.


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