R & D Technique

Exceed customer's needs and expectations


AIMO's advantages are continuously improving quality and product diversification, to support customers increase profit margin. AIMO has invested a lot of human resource and capital into R&D to ensure the quality and reliability before putting into production. This is done by extensive testing and strict conditions. We also use market feedback to continuously improve our products quality and make sure our quality is the best in market.




AIMO's Lab


 Compatibility Testing

     To ensure the compatibility of AIMO products with existing label printers and to stay up with new models, AIMO tests the compatibility by printing labels with most brands and models of label printers.







 ● Raw Materials Testing

     To ensure high quality of incoming raw materials, AIMO has established a IQC management according to the ISO9001 Quality Control System. This is achieved by maintaining long-term stable cooperation with 10+ big suppliers.









●  Constant improve of the quality and new products

 All AIMO's products are bloods of AIMO Team. From developing to unveiling, we spend a lot of time, labor, and money. High quality is the basis of AIMO and the reason why so many people choose AIMO.

AIMO will never stop the steps to persue the perfect products and service for our customers!




● Increasing core competence by developing new products

Customers' requirements are varous and always changing, so are the brand labeling machines.

AIMO will keep up with the brand labeling products and will keep on developing the own printers and the printing consumables according to the markets demands  and customers' requirement to increase our competence.

It will be a Win-Win Cooperation for us!



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