M110 portable bluetooth printer, order management from the source

2021-01-19 17:25:01

   In a computer room, there may be thousands of cables. In order to make managers more worry-free during maintenance or daily management, they must be sorted out at the source, that is, to manage the identification of cables.

  According to regulations, all labels should be clear, complete, and meet environmental requirements. Labels should be printed, no manual filling is allowed, and should be clearly visible and easy to read.

   M110 portable bluetooth printer is a cable label management tool that is very suitable for practitioners. M110 portable bluetooth printer is small and portable. It can be printed by mobile phone through Bluetooth connection. It can be used normally even in the environment of poor network signal or even disconnection. 

   The APP of M110 portable bluetooth printer comes with a variety of templates commonly used in the cable industry, which can be applied with one key to print cable labels and easily create a standardized computer room with one line and one sign.