With D30S mini label printer, work efficiency is doubled

2021-01-20 17:17:11

There are many ways to improve work efficiency: disassemble the goal into multiple tasks, clarify the priority of tasks, concentrate on trivial matters... Another point is that everyone can do what everyone can, but is often overlooked, that is to keep tidy and orderly Working environment.

Office workers spend most of the day at their desks. The messy desktop not only affects the mood at work, but also wastes time on rummaging through boxes and cabinets because they can't find what they need, which affects work efficiency.

Here, Amway has to have an efficient office product-D30S mini label printer, as a simple, compact and portable desktop storage helper, use it to label office items, sort them, and easily have a clean and efficient office environment.

D30S mini label printer connects to APP through Bluetooth to print, no ink, clean and safe, label waterproof and oil-proof, durable, self-adhesive, can be used and attached, very convenient. With D30Smini label printer, the office environment can easily realize visual management, work efficiently and worry-free, and set a shortcut to success.