How to use M110 thermal label printer to become the "Hermes in the flower shop"

2021-01-21 22:35:55

When it comes to the online celebrity brand of florists, we have to mention the brutalist that can be called the industry's explosive style. Known as the "Hermes in the flower shop", a bunch of flowers can sell for thousands or even tens of thousands of sky-high prices. Many people are surprised and curious. What is it for?


Not every flower shop can spend large sums of money on store decoration and furnishings like Fauvism, but we can also get inspiration from it, that is: let customers feel the beauty in every detail, and be beautiful enough to be willing to do it Spend money.


To create the atmosphere of a flower shop, as small as a price tag, it must be able to create a beautiful experience. The M110 thermal label printer that retailers love to use is the "secret weapon" that can add style to labels.

M110 thermal label printer can be connected to Bluetooth and use the mobile phone to operate APP for printing. In addition to its own label templates commonly used in the industry, M110 thermal label printer can freely edit label content, insert pictures, and design unique product labels to enhance the customer’s shop experience.