There are no small shops that are difficult to open in the world, maybe you can try M110 pocket printer

2021-01-23 22:25:21

As long as the person who has run a store in person will know that although the store is small, the busy business never stops. From site selection, decoration, to post-operation, supply chain, and marketing, the owner needs to work hard.


Take product management as an example. It is necessary to clearly mark the price so that customers can clearly understand when purchasing. If the traditional hand-written label method is used, it takes a lot of effort and time. However, finding a manufacturer to customize it is costly for start-up merchants. Not low.


In order to reduce the burden of novice shop owners, master printer has launched a M110 pocket printer. M110 pocket printer adopts thermal printing method. It connects to the mobile APP with Bluetooth and can use various retail label templates for free to edit and make product labels easily. , Which greatly reduces the cost of label replacement.


M110 pocket printer supports importing excel product data and batch printing, so that shop owners can efficiently print various product price tags, eliminating the trouble of printing one by one.