Use M110 pocket printer to open a clothing store to make clothes "expensive"

2021-01-23 22:41:48

How much a piece of clothing is worth, someone knows the grade of the clothing as soon as they touch the fabric, so they have a clear position in their mind. Some people look at design and tailoring, which requires businesses to select products in the early stage and understand customers' preferences. But there is another point that is very important but easily overlooked, and that is the label on the clothes.

Use M110 pocket printer to print out the origin, fabric, safety category, grade...let the label show the quality of the clothes to customers.

M110 pocket printer can be operated by connecting the mobile phone via Bluetooth. The APP comes with rich label templates for clothing industry such as clothes, bags, shoes, hats, etc., which can be applied with one key, and can also be freely edited.

M110 pocket printer fully meets the fast, accurate and flexible needs of merchants for label making. Compared with handwriting and online customization, it saves a lot of time and economic costs.