Handheld label printer M02S

2021-02-19 08:55:05

It's a very casual, relaxing, simple and fun thing to write a film account. Movie posters or stills are beautiful in themselves. As long as they are pasted casually, they are good-looking enough. You don't have to worry about getting all kinds of materials or how to typeset, just like other hand account types.

What do you need to prepare for the film viewing account?

① Preparation book: according to preferences and budget, you can also choose a special film book. Many brands have a special film journal. The content page of Film Journal generally includes the title, original language title, director, starring, country, year, type, award and other content related to the film. And quotes, opinions, remarks, and when, where, and who to watch.

② Material: prepare in advance, such as writing down the name of the film, director, starring and other information in the ledger.

When you watch a movie in the cinema, keep the ticket stub and the brochure of the cinema.

When you watch a movie at home, you can record your hand account while watching it, and record it in time when you encounter places with feelings.

The most convenient way is to use the printer to print Douban or official website high-definition posters, movie classic screen capture and so on.

And all the pictures in my newly completed "hunduan blue bridge" movie viewing hand account are in Chinese  Handheld label printer, this printer has a "envelope" shape, pure white simple atmosphere of the body, retro classic and elegant, high value. Abrasive injection molding process, more scratch resistant.

Bluetooth connection mobile app can operate printing, convenient, compact and light, 300dpi resolution extreme high definition, stills and movie posters can be printed clearly! In terms of the printed renderings, even some details in the film can be clearly presented, and the effect is also pleasing to the eye.

Built in massive material template library, hand disabled party can also be transformed into hand accounting talent. What makes me even more happy is that this is also the first handheld label printer in the industry that can print in three sizes of 15mm, 25mm and 53mm, which can be described as "small body, large energy". The new "label box" function enables the classification of labels to be realized. On the editing page, you can choose the label width at will, choose the interface border, edit content or stickers according to your mood and preference. Combine pictures, icons, tables and other elements anytime and anywhere to better label the viewing account. According to their own preferences, the film can be classified according to different styles and years. More than 40 kinds of colors and patterns have been created for portable printing. The most wonderful thing is that we bring our own back glue consumables, which reduces the inconvenience of using glue in addition. There are also exclusive production of transparent, translucent consumables, the effect of printing film posters is very clear. Superimposed in the hand screen can create a kind of hazy beauty and mystery.

The significance of writing a movie account is to record. After watching a movie, you will have a lot of feelings. If you record them and read them often, you can draw a lot of creative nutrients from them.  With its convenience, the printing location is no longer limited. It's easy to keep the thoughts of this moment, find more fun, record wonderful moments, and become a good memory. It's really a hand account partner.