What kind of mini Bluetooth printer can be chosen by lazy and forgetful people

2021-01-05 17:51:46

  There will always be people who are too lazy to remember things but forget them. At this time, they need a mini Bluetooth printer to help them remember. The most convenient and eye-catching way to remember is the sticky note.

  Don't be afraid of forgetting things at all, as long as the content printed on this mini Bluetooth printer can be collected and reprinted later. Because of the convenient thermal printing technology, the printing process is more convenient than other printing technologies because there is no need to add ink.

  The printing speed of this mini Bluetooth printer is also very fast. In the app, you can also choose functions such as handwriting density, font size and interval. Many of the materials in it can be used directly and will be updated regularly.

   If you feel that the black-and-white printing is not eye-catching enough, use this mini Bluetooth printer to print out a label in large font, and then use a colored pen to color it. The color of the printed picture is as vivid and obvious.

  Is it so convenient?