A mini thermal printer can help children enhance storage awareness

2021-01-11 13:53:12

There are children who go to school at home, and we should help them buy school bags, pens, exercise books, drawing tools and other learning and daily necessities, so as to enhance their sense of freshness and anticipation of going to school.

Inevitably, children who are too young will be more sloppy and will often take mistakes or lose their belongings at school. The best way is to put name tags on the children’s stationery, textbooks, water cups, lunch boxes, etc. with a mini thermal printer, especially now that the epidemic is severe, pay attention to personal identification and avoid mixing children’s daily necessities with other students.

Traditional handwritten labels are easy to damage or fade in handwriting. Here is an artifact for making name labels: D30S mini thermal printer. As long as Bluetooth is connected to the APP, you can quickly edit and print. Oil, durable.

D30S mini thermal printer has a variety of cartoon-shaped label papers. Parents can buy them according to their preferences and stick them on their children’s personal items for easy identification and more cuteness.