You have an M200 pink label maker, and the transaction volume of small shops may increase rapidly

2021-01-18 17:09:16

When entering a store, most people now do not want to have the staff’s enthusiastic shopping guide. When visiting the store, they find that the items are not clearly marked, so they don’t want to buy them immediately. Merchants pit money. At this time, clearly marking the price is particularly important. An M200 pink label maker can easily do this.


Using M200 pink label maker to put clear and rigorous labels on products is the key to let customers buy with confidence and promote transactions.


M200 pink label maker provides convenient and cost-effective product labeling solutions for small and medium businesses. Just connect the phone with Bluetooth, select the industry standard template that comes with the APP, you can easily edit the product category, price, origin and other information, and quickly print the desired label.


Moreover, M200 pink label maker adopts imported print head, the label is long-lasting and clear, waterproof and oil proof, and at a cost-effective price, it brings the most affordable printing experience to small and medium businesses.