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M02 Mini Inkless Printer FAQ

Q: Can I charge when it is off?

Answer: Yes! Plug in the power when off, the machine will wake up automatically

Q: How to download the app?

Answer: You can find the QR code in the manual in the box and scan to download the app

Q: The content printed by the printer is off-aligned?

Answer: Open the machine and re-center the paper roll

Q: Can other brands of thermal paper be used?

Answer: If the thermal paper is heated by the thermal print head, it will be developed. However, due to the production quality of the paper rolls of different manufacturers, the printing quality will be lower, and inferior paper rolls will also cause damage to the print head.

Q: The printer does not feed paper?

Answer: Restart and print (may be caused by the loss of the printing program) to check whether the print head and the pressure roller are glued

Q: Means of indicator light?

Answer: The green light normally on: standby/charging is complete. The green light is flashing: charging is in progress. The red light normally on: the printer is overheated/out of paper. The red light is flashing: the battery is low.

Q: The printing is blurred?

Answer: Wipe the print head, or select high density printing when APP printing. The machine may be low on battery

Q: Can I print during charging?

Answer: It can print normally during charging

Q: Bluetooth cannot connect normally?

Answer: Restart the machine, if it still does not work after restarting. Try another phone to connect

Question: Why is the red light still on after the paper roll is loaded?

Answer: The loaded paper roll must be pulled out to the position of the pressure roller and then closed. If it still fails to reach the pressure roller position, please clean the paper path sensor.