Use D30S mini bluetooth printer to share practical tips for corporate training and refuse to be cold

2021-01-25 21:30:12

Whether it is hiring external lecturers or various trainings organized by the company itself, there is always an ice-breaking link between the students to understand each other, but with a large number of people, the role of self-introduction can be described as minimal, so there is always someone in the interaction I don’t match my name, I need to repeat my embarrassment.

Faced with this situation, you can actually use a small tool, that is D30S mini bluetooth printer .

The D30S mini bluetooth printer is compact and portable, and can be used at any time when you hold it in your hand. As long as you connect your phone with Bluetooth, you can select the label template on the APP , edit and print the name label belonging to everyone, and no longer have to worry about not being called out. La.

Use D30S mini bluetooth printer to print out the name tag. Such a thoughtful detail can reflect the standard and humanized management of the enterprise. This practical and good thing is for everyone!