Use M110 pocket printer to record the ins and outs of each cable for visual management

2021-01-26 15:33:06

    The computer room is the basis for the stable operation of computer software and hardware, and the wiring is like the blood vessel of a building . Disorganized computer rooms are prone to intensive phobia.

    The computer room with delicate and neat wiring is not only good-looking, but also easy to manage. How can this be done? M110 pocket printer is a cable label printer commonly used by industry personnel .

    M110 pocket printer adopts thermal transfer printing, the label can be stored for a long time, is clear and durable, contains 2600mAh high-capacity battery, and can run for up to 300 minutes when fully charged .

    The M110 pocket printer is compact and portable. It can be printed by connecting to the APP via Bluetooth, without fear of network disconnection. It is a reliable and good helper for computer room personnel.