How to use the mini portable printer to make a beautiful handbook during the trip

2021-01-28 16:23:14

When people first started making handbooks during their journey, they always wanted to see other people's beautiful travel handbooks. How do they make the accounts look more beautiful? For those who don't have a foundation in painting, it is very difficult to draw pictures on the account. At this point, a mini portable printer is needed to help.

The M02 mini portable printer is used to record all the good things in travel. It is mini portable and easy to carry, and you can print at any time anywhere in your journey, which let you make a different handbook.

After confirming the purpose, record the departure time, flight number and name of the reserved hotel on the account with mini portable printer.


The scenery and delicious foods taken during the trip can be printed out by our simple mini portable printer and pasted in the portable notebook.