Mini label printer takes you in-depth understanding of the mystery of supermarket labeling

2021-01-28 17:47:26

People who often go to the supermarket must have encountered such a problem. A product is at the same price in the morning, but the special price starts in the evening, and the price tag is replaced. I believe most people will have a question, what kind of stuff do the staff use to print? Why is it so fast! The reason for the rapid switching of the prices of goods in different time periods in the supermarket is the use of a mini label printer.

Let the M110 mini label printer take you into the mysterious journey of supermarket labels. It can connect to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, use the app to add and edit different elements such as text, barcode, price, etc., and change the appropriate price in time to label the goods, To achieve a real hit and paste.

Using the M110 mini label printer in the supermarket to print price labels is convenient and flexible, which saves the time cost of the supermarket staff. There is more time for them to the sorting and place goods so that customers can clearly choose the right commodity at different time periods.