Which label machine is better for printing product labels?

2021-05-25 09:44:11

The use of product label identification is to inform users of the product name, place of production, production date and quality guarantee date, product use precautions, etc., so that users have a certain right to know, have a better understanding of the product, and can effectively prevent some products from appearing in quality Problems, such as the food industry, etc.

Which label machine is better for printing product labels?

  How to print the label of the product?

When you need to print product label identification, you need to use a machine. The product label machine can print product labels of various types and materials. You can select the corresponding size of label paper to print multi-word labels, which can meet the needs of printing products. Name, place of origin, precautions, etc. The number of printed characters is determined according to the printing width and maximum use width of the label paper. There are also various products on the market. So which label machine is better for printing product labels?

Moreover, the M113 portable thermal label machine is a commercial smart label machine, with more than 330 APP label templates, covering 15 industries, intelligent search templates, one-click application, fast printing speed, rich consumables, and satisfying different industries. User needs, clear printing, firm fit, and long-lasting color.