Mini Printer D30S Makes Your Life Easier To Categorize

2021-05-25 09:40:21

Life management is a popular way of life at present. When you make clear the interpersonal relationship, financial revenue and expenditure, including all kinds of commonly used items, your living standard and state will change greatly. 

One of the most basic operations in life management is to classify all kinds of similar items, such as sorting out the bottles and cans in the kitchen , different kinds of  documents in the office, etc. At this time, the label printer D30S should be on

the stage. It can help you make everything more efficient. 

There are two styles of D30S mini printer: pink pig and white bear, both of which are very cute.

Size: 133mm * 81mm * 31mm.

Weight: 160g.

There is a nose at the top of the front, which is decorative. The lower navel is an

on-off button with a power indicator.

Moreover, its mobile app - Print Master】has powerful functions, and has massive material templates, so you can use your imagination and design freely.

Printing speed is fast and there is no noise. This is a small object of life that can improve happiness.