A treasure for novice mothers- mini printer D30

2021-06-08 15:37:55

When you suddenly have a baby in your life, what will happen? 

Probably, the pace of life is completely disrupted
. There are more and more sundries in the house, and the housework can never be finished.

At the beginning, I made up my mind to be a perfect mother, but the reality is that I just want bear to sleep a little more... It's really a dark period of novice mother.

At this point, I found out how convenient it is to have a
mini label printer D30 at home!

For example, when feeding, I will pack the baby's bottles according to the day, and paste the corresponding time, which is easy to remember and easy to take.

In addition, in terms of home storage, it can also be used to label the shelf life date of food and the classification label of seasoning bottle, which has successfully cured me of forgetfulness and taking the wrong things after pregnancy.