How to use label printer for home storage?

2021-06-08 15:38:52

I like to unpack the new things, and then put them into the storage box or bag orderly. When I look at the things in my home neatly and cleanly, I feel comfortable~

It's really convenient to have a label machine at this time
. I'm using D30s label machine now. The operation is very simple! It doesn't need to install battery, and it can be used after charging.

I like baking very much. People who do baking know that there are all kinds of flour, starch, glutinous rice flour and high gluten flour at home.

In order to prevent moisture, I put them in the storage can, but to tell the truth, if I don't give a mark, I can't distinguish at all, but with the label machine, I can label all

the cans. 

As far as I know, everyone has this experience. It took three or four times to turn on the switch at home before you found the light you wanted to press. Now you just need to put a label on it and you won't press the switch by mistake