For your office work and home—transfer label printer P1000

2021-08-04 16:40:50

In our daily work, a variety of documents need to be distinguished, in order to facilitate our more efficient office


Life is the same, for example, the kitchen oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, sugar and other condiments. They all need to be labeled so that they don't sprinkle salt as sugar into the soup and become "dark cuisine."

P1000 is an intelligent heat transfer printer. It can print brother series label compatible with Aimo. Put the label into the body, and then print it after connecting with Bluetooth.

In a variety of environments, our label are wear-resistant and not easy to tear off. At the same time, it has the characteristics of friction resistance, corrosion resistance, fading resistance, high and low temperature resistance, water and oil resistance.

The use of the printer features: sorting, travel packaging, supplies identification, school uniform marking, label tear proof, label waterproof, label oil proof, label rich, many label printing templates will be displayed in the app, very rich and interesting, it is worth exploring and using.

Exquisite life, should be from every small detail, let's improve your life happiness!