Mini Printer Q30 — lt has a small and light body, you can print anywhere!

2022-03-04 14:38:43

As we all know, the label printer is a portable and practical storage helper in modern small household products.It can be used for kitchen storage, shelf life identification and name stickers.

To be honest, I was attracted by its simple and exquisite appearance. Then I found it very convenient to use. Just connect to Bluetooth directly and operate on the app.

You can choose various fonts and sizes, as well as various patterns and borders.

There is also a function of printing the date. You can paste the spices in the kitchen, the skin care products in the bathroom and the spices in the refrigerator with the opening date. It's really a very practical function!

And the label is waterproof and oil proof! The printing time is just 1-2s. The label printer Q30 body is light and easy to carry. It has two charging methods,Type C and Four AAA Batteries required.

It feels great to have everything in order at a glance at home!