What functions have been upgraded for this mini printer of M02S

2021-01-06 16:27:19

  In September 2019, the M02S mini printer appeared in the public eye as a continuation of the M02. M02S continues to focus on the learning field and has a higher-definition printing experience. In addition, M02S leads the new trend of mini printer printing with its retro envelope shape and innovative multi-size printing.

  The white envelope body is retro and classic, the size is smaller than a mobile phone, and it is light and portable, bringing an excellent experience. M02S combines traditional cultural elements with modern inkless printing technology to become a rare mini printer in the industry.

  M02S is a mini printer that can print three sizes. Not only students can use it to make wrong question books; it can also be used by hand account lovers to make exquisite materials; it can also make item identification in life. It provides convenience for life and saves a lot of time in the process of doing things.

  The emergence of M02S pushes the mini printer into a new era, allowing the mini printer to create more value and bring users a more convenient and interesting printing experience.