Old people are forgetful, a portable bluetooth printer can do it

2021-01-07 10:55:52

  Entering the aging society, the elderly accounted for a large base, but not every child is an elderly person who can take care of the family all year round. It would be better to send interesting things to let the elderly learn skills at home and pass the boring time. Recommend a portable bluetooth printer-D30S.

  This portable bluetooth printer is available in three types: polar bear, piggy and brown bear. It is very cartoon and cute, and the elderly will look very young when holding it. It is mainly easy to use. It is given to the elderly to download the portable bluetooth printer APP in the elderly’s mobile phone in advance, and then only need to teach the elderly: open the box, put the printing paper, and close the box. They will also use it when they are not at home. 

  Usually at home, they can use the portable bluetooth printer to print out the expired time for the dishes they buy and don’t eat right away, and also put a note on the cabinets packed at home, so that they are not afraid of forgetting it, and they will not feel anxious because they can't find something.

   Owning this portable bluetooth printer makes the elderly feel that there is one more thing to do, and makes family members proud of finding what they need faster with the labels they print.