Inkless mini thermal printer, where is it stronger than ordinary printer

2021-01-07 10:57:36

    There are many types of printers. But when I heard it, I thought it was a large fixed-position printer. In fact, there are many mini thermal printers that can be put in your pocket, but many people have not understood it. It is a big market. In fact, we often come into contact with mini thermal printers in our lives.

   Shopping receipts for shopping in supermarkets, boutiques, etc. are printed out by a  mini thermal printer. Unlike the printers of cash registers in supermarkets and boutiques, the M02 printer is smaller and can even be put in your pocket.

   This mini thermal printer packaging box is very simple, the whole shape is like a closed book, there are five colors of pink, light green, white, black, and piano color.

    This mini thermal printer has a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, which can print 8 rolls of paper continuously when fully charged.

   This mini thermal printer of M02 uses thermal technology, no ink is needed, just replace the printing paper, you can take it out for printing anytime, anywhere. Printing notes, schedules, graffiti materials, etc. are all at your fingertips, which is convenient and fast, and improves work efficiency.

   Although it is a niche digital product, it can make everyone's life convenient and time-saving.