There are too many medicines at home, a mini label printer can solve the trouble of taking medicine

2021-01-08 15:52:52

   The proportion of the elderly is increasing, and the elderly are fragile. Now that the elderly are getting richer, they will stock up on health care products even if they are healthy. It would be better to buy a mini label printer for the elderly-Print master D30S, and let them mark their daily dosage and expiration time for their medicines.

  This mini label printer is available in three types: polar bear, piggy and brown bear. It is very cartoon and cute, and the elderly will look very young when holding it. The method of use is simple. Give the elderly download the mini label printer APP in the mobile phone in advance, and then only need to teach the elderly: open the box, put the printing paper, and close the box. They will also use it in the future.

   The content is written in the mobile phone in that kind of handwriting mode and printed in the largest font. Let them use a mini label printer to write notes on the medicines, so that they will not worry about taking the wrong medicine or forgetting to take the medicine. If they are attached to health care products, they will also make some elderly people realize whether they are wasting money when buying health care products, let alone I felt anxious because I couldn't find medicine.

   Owning this mini label printer not only makes the elderly feel more meaningful to do, but also makes family members feel at ease when they are not taking care of them at home.