How to use a mini portable bluetooth printer to quickly get a good-looking hand account

2021-01-08 16:50:56

  When I first started doing hand-account records, life became popular in Korea and Japan. After all, this is a way of loving life, and then various places have started to use this hand-account routine. More and more people join the army of hand account, and this fun requires collecting a lot of peripherals, such as hand account books, colored pens, stickers, photos, and so on. What I recommend today is a mini portable bluetooth printer-M02, the price can be said to be very affordable.

   This M02 mini portable bluetooth printer has a small body and can be taken away in a bag at any time, but it is mostly for home use. There are five colors to choose from: pink, light green, white, black, and piano color, each of which is simple and beautiful.

   This mini portable bluetooth printer chooses different types and colors of consumables for manual accounting, so that it will not be a single black, white and gray. Sometimes you can also print the picture and color the picture. This kind of handbook is made quickly, and it will be The colors and patterns you like.

   After downloading phomemo on your mobile phone, you can edit the print content on the mobile phone through Bluetooth connection. If you do a hand account, you usually print pictures, copywriting, etc., and sometimes you can also print out pictures and copywriting to make the hand account more refined. Print it out by a mini portable bluetooth printer and then trim it with scissors and paste it on the notebook, which is cleaner and more convenient than drawing by yourself.