The monster of the transportation label printer world - 4x6 label printer

2021-01-08 16:52:09

  Labels are always needed for transportation. There is no doubt that you will not still use the original printer that is not obvious at all and has to be pressed by hand. 4x6 label printer has already been launched on the market now . Specifically for high-volume shipping business design , print shipping labels.


  This 4x6 label printer does not need to purchase any ink, toner can be printed. The original process of adding ink is omitted, and printers with ink often cause the label to appear unclear, large and small problems. This 4x6 label printer can perfectly solve this problem.

  Key point: This 4x6 label printer is at your fingertips at a reasonable price. Allows you to create and print cost-effective paper labels for packages, folders, envelopes, shipping postage, etc.