Use the small label M110 pocket printer to make food label specifications, efficient and save money

2021-01-12 11:46:13

    Correct and effective food labels can not only provide a reference for consumers to buy food, but also improve customer trust and satisfaction. Food labels can't be posted casually, but must comply with relevant regulations. So I have to mention the small standard M110 pocket printer commonly used by businesses to open stores.

   The operation of M110 pocket printer is very simple. You can apply various professional food label templates with one touch only by connecting to the APP via Bluetooth, eliminating the hassle of manual typesetting. pocket printer can also realize intelligent identification and quickly print labels by scanning the barcode of food packaging.

   In addition, the M110 pocket printer can also import product data in excel tables and print food labels in batches. For businesses with a large number of food types in the store, it is a tool for improving work efficiency.