A D30S mini sticker printer makes privately baked products closer to customers

2021-01-11 13:57:08

   In recent years, the widespread development of private baking has catered to the needs of today's consumers in pursuit of a healthy diet, and is very popular in the market. In addition, private baking can give customers a caring and thoughtful consumption experience, allowing customers to feel more humane.

   And often the materials for the baking of this kind of food are bought in large quantities and stocked up. The production time and shelf life are marked on the food packaging, so that customers can eat more at ease. A mini sticker printer can easily help you complete this operation.

   You can also use the mini sticker printer D30S to attach a heartwarming and interesting message to get closer to customers and win their favor.

   The small standard D30S  mini sticker printer can easily complete these bonus items. It is small and portable, with a variety of cute paper rolls and label templates to choose from, which is very suitable for private baking to improve product appearance and create humanized services.

   The mini sticker printer does not require ink. It can print various cute and practical small labels when connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. Want to make baking different, maybe what you need is its help