How to use a mini paper printer to make baked goods advanced

2021-01-11 13:55:05

With the improvement of my country's per capita consumption level, the adjustment of catering consumption structure and the change of life rhythm, baked goods with the advantages of nutrition, health, fastness and variety have entered a period of rapid growth in my country.

In order to satisfy consumers' pursuit of safety, nutrition, and health, baking businesses are constantly innovating products and services. In particular, the packaging pays more attention to warm reminders of eating and storage methods, and taste duration.

The label on food is the best platform to show the professional and humanized service of the merchant. In order to enhance the customer's recognition of the brand, the merchant can use the M110 mini paper printer to customize and edit the required label content according to different products. Make your own food label easily with just one sticker.

The M110 mini paper printer is small and portable. You can select templates commonly used in the industry on the APP by connecting to Bluetooth, apply one-click, edit and print. This mini paper printer adopts thermal printing technology, no ink is needed, and the cost of consumables is effectively reduced. With one machine in hand, even small and medium businesses can have standard and beautiful food labels.