Efficiently manage new retail stores with M200 portable thermal printer

2021-01-12 13:21:44

Affected by various factors such as the new retail wave, consumption upgrades, and the rapid development of smart technology, take self-service cashier equipment as an example. In the past, traditional supermarkets generally had long queues, high cashier labor costs, and uneven cashier service levels. Slowly evolve into a self-service cash register device, which can effectively disperse the flow of checkout customers and save time and cost.

According to the characteristics of the retail industry, the market has meticulously developed and launched a M200 portable thermal printer to help supermarket personnel to print price tags efficiently and conveniently.

M200 portable thermal printer can realize 20-80mm wide-format printing, and supports label printing of different materials and specifications such as self-adhesive, tag, etc., which fully meets the needs of large-scale supermarket chains. The paper loading operation can be completed in three steps of "open the cover-put in the paper roll-close the cover", which greatly simplifies the paper changing steps.

M200 portable thermal printer can be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth to achieve portable printing. The APP has a variety of commonly used label templates in the retail industry, which can be applied with one key. It also supports multiple editing methods such as scan code printing, batch printing, and voice-to-text. The printing efficiency of price tags is an ideal choice for optimizing the management level of supermarkets.