How can physical supermarkets use thermal label printers to reduce labor costs for PUBG?

2021-01-13 12:14:28

The tally clerk in the supermarket classifies and displays tens of thousands of categories of goods every day, clearly marking the prices, of which the management of product labels is a heavy burden. Regardless of whether it is a new product, a replenishment or an event promotion, the price needs to be updated in time to ensure the normal sales and service quality of the supermarket.

Due to the large number of products and limited manpower, label management is prone to errors. For this situation, M200 thermal label printer is a tool that can effectively improve the work efficiency of tally staff and help supermarkets reduce costs and increase efficiency.

M200 thermal label printer is convenient for portable use. It can be edited and printed by mobile phone only by connecting Bluetooth. The APP contains a wealth of commonly used label templates in the supermarket industry, which can be used at will. It also supports importing excel forms and batch printing product labels, which greatly improves label production effectiveness.

M200 thermal label printer can print price tags with a width of 20-80mm to meet the different needs of supermarkets. It also supports scanning packaging barcodes, automatically generating label content, voice recognition, image recognition and other methods, eliminating the trouble of manual editing by the tally. Easily save 2-3 times of working time.