Difficult to handle clothing inventory? These points must be paid attention to mini printer

2021-01-13 12:15:36

The clothing industry is characterized by its obvious seasonality and keeping up with the trend. Therefore, the most feared thing about clothing is the backlog of inventory. Once the season is over, it will quickly depreciate and slow sales, resulting in the inability to return funds and difficult turnover.

To avoid inventory backlog, attention should be paid to improving the level of store inventory management and through various promotional activities to clear inventory, but also to learn to use tools to improve inventory management efficiency. Low work efficiency is also one of the reasons for inventory backlog. Merchants can use M110 mini Printer to better manage store inventory.

With the M110 mini Printer, it is possible to perform numbering and labeling on the divisional classification of the garments in the inventory, which is convenient for storage and convenient for inventory counting and reduces errors and omissions.

Clothing store products often need to change prices in conjunction with promotions. The M110 mini Printer can not only import excel forms and print product price tags in batches, but also has a variety of smart identification methods, one-click generation of label content, and save the time of manually entering information.