An M110 thermal label printer, let your shop immediately rise to a higher level

2021-01-14 17:10:33

   The most basic point for a store to make people feel that it is upscale is that the price tag must be formal. Many clothing stores still use handwritten cards to mark prices, which gives people the impression that they are relatively cheap and unreliable. If you are a small and medium business with relatively limited funds, you can spend a few hundred dollars to buy a portable M110 thermal label printer. Not only is it compact and easy to use in daily work, it is also very convenient to operate. Just connect to Bluetooth and you can use it on the mobile APP. Select the desired clothing industry label template and print it quickly.

   M110 thermal label printer meets the needs of clothing merchants. It can be operated by mobile phones and computers, and can print labels in batches. It supports multiple smart editing methods such as scan code recognition, voice recognition, and image recognition, meeting the two major needs of cost-effectiveness and professional intelligence. 

  M110 thermal label printer can print labels of various clothing categories such as clothing, shoes, hats, etc. The printing effect is clear, the labels are durable, standard and beautiful, which can well enhance the store image and give customers the most intuitive feeling