Too many folders, office headaches, it’s time to need the help of bluetooth portable mini printer

2021-01-14 17:11:05

   Facing the mountain of documents and materials on the desk, it is always time-consuming and laborious to search? You might as well use bluetooth portable mini printer to label them and clearly classify them, so that you will not be afraid of rushing to work.

   Labeling a folder is not an easy task: sticky notes are not the right size and easily fall off; handwritten label ink is easy to smudge, handwriting is easy to fade... it takes more minutes than finding files. If you want to make folder labels more easily and efficiently, you can use D3S bluetooth portable mini printer, one sticker and one sticker, to find the neatness and organization of your desk.

  D30S bluetooth portable mini printers without ink, is compact and portable, prints immediately after loading paper, and is operated by mobile phone. It is easy to use in three steps and meets professionals' pursuit of efficiency, intelligence and ease of use.