There is food left over after the festival, so there is no waste of food if there is a pocket printer

2021-01-14 17:11:38

    Eating is always indispensable during the long vacation. After the festive food "baptism", there must be a lot of food left at home to be stored. For the health and safety of yourself and your family, it is best to use a pocket printer to prepare the food that needs to be stored. Labels with information such as good name, eating method, and expiration date.

    The writing label is not beautiful enough, the handwriting is easy to fade, and the paper is also likely to be damaged by the influence of humidity or high and low temperature. With the M110 pocket printer, it is small and portable, and the label can be printed when connected to a Bluetooth mobile phone.

    M110 pocket printer are durable and clear, waterproof and oil-proof, resistant to high and low temperatures, and are suitable for various home environments such as kitchens and refrigerators. They are high-quality and more secure, and protect the family's food safety for a long time.