D30 mini bluetooth printer helps you stay away from vacation syndrome

2021-01-15 16:33:38

Back to the office during the holidays is a neat desk that can help you quickly sort out your ideas, adjust your rhythm, and effectively improve your work efficiency. Here is an office storage tool-D30 mini bluetooth printer. Compared with the traditional cumbersome large-scale labeling machine, it is compact and convenient.

As long as you connect to Bluetooth and open the APP, you can edit and print labels, which is very convenient. With D30 mini bluetooth printer, you can not only indicate the purpose of the indistinguishable folders, but also all kinds of office supplies, storage boxes, and data cables, which can be easily classified and marked. It is convenient to access and methodical. Irritable and messy, work naturally as efficient and smooth as flowing.

In addition to helping to classify and summarize, D30 mini bluetooth printer can also print daily work schedules and reminder memos, and paste them on the computer and other conspicuous places, so you are not afraid of making mistakes while busy.