M200 portable bluetooth printer, the most worry-free solution for opening a shop

2021-01-15 16:36:22

Although the clothing tag is small, it is the most intuitive "business card" for a piece of clothing. It plays an indispensable role in improving and protecting the reputation of brands and businesses and facilitating consumers to purchase clothing.

M200 portable bluetooth printer can provide a cost-effective, standardized, beautiful and convenient tag solution for the apparel industry. It is portable in one hand and can be operated when connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. It meets the needs of businesses to print on the go in their daily work. The APP also contains a variety of commonly used templates in the clothing industry, which you can choose, apply and print easily.

M200 portable bluetooth printer also supports multiple printing methods such as scanning code recognition fast printing, batch printing, voice/picture recognition printing, etc. It can also be equipped with third-party software such as distribution and storage according to business needs to help you efficiently print tag labels, smart management shop.