With an M110 thermal label printer, jewelry merchants can easily grasp sales opportunities

2021-01-15 16:37:43

  In the wedding season, the sales of gold and jewelry, which are essential love tokens, will inevitably increase. There are many brands to choose from in the wedding jewellery market. In addition to the style and value of the jewellery itself, it is the label that comes with the jewellery to improve competitiveness.


  M110 thermal label printer is a good tool for jewelry merchants who want to pursue label specifications and aesthetics, but also need to consider cost performance.


 The M110 thermal label printer is small and portable. It can be printed when connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, which is convenient for refilling and replacing price labels at any time during work. The APP of M110 thermal label printer comes with a wealth of jewelry label templates, and you can freely edit the content of the label to create jewelry labels with exclusive style. The pursuit of extreme details makes the business prosperous.