M08F A4 Mobile Printer

M08F A4 Portable Thermal Printer, ideal for printing PDF file, test paper, webpage, contract, photo, picture, etc. an excellent assistant for study and office work.Bluetooth Printer Compatible with Android and iOS Phone & Laptop

Product features:

Ultra compactness and portability- Especially good for emergency printing on the go or business traveling; Print anytime and anywhere.

Wide compatible- Not only support IOS/Android mobile by Bluetooth connection, but also be compatible with MAC and Windows computer or laptop.

Support Monochrome Printing web pages, PDF, Word, Txt, Images.

Premium Printing Quality- M08F printer equipped with high quality print head, Adopt advanced thermal printing technology, no ink cartridges or consumables are required, energy saving and environmental friendly.

Product parameters:

Product size:310*67.7*40.7mm


Printing Speed: 15.6mm/s

Printing Resolution: 203dpi

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